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Waikato District Council: Future-Proofing Your Business

3rd May 2021

Based in Ngaruawahia, Waikato District Council is a large government agency comprising of almost 500 employees. Representing the best interests of their communities involves connecting with them, sharing ideas and being the voice of the region as a whole.

During uncertain times, and the rollercoaster that was 2020, Gene Oudes - Infrastructure and Support Lead at Waikato District Council is finding new ways to optimise their meeting room technology. Gene wanted to allow for easy collaboration, ensuring Council staff keep connected within their new flexible working structure, giving them the freedom to focus on the things that really matter to the community.


As a result of COVID-19, it is crucial, now more than ever for staff to be able to connect remotely.

The days of everyone in the office at the same time are over. Gene Oudes, Infrastructure and Support Lead at Waikato District Council says “we had to be able to collaborate effectively with our new flexible working policy. Limited mobility was the main issue, and we didn’t want a product that was hardware specific, we want the ability to adjust to the user when different needs arise.”

Staff were struggling with the existing meeting room technology, and it was far too difficult and clunky to use.

Canon, being the print services partner for Waikato District Council for a number of years understood that their meeting room technology needed to be efficient and intuitive to allow for ease of use when remote workers needed to connect and collaborate. Only a long-lasting, future proofed solution would suffice for Waikato District Council.


After much market research and eliminating systems that tied them to a specific platform, one product stood out with a compelling value-proposition; The InFocus Mondopad.

A software-agnostic Windows based interactive panel which allows you to use any application you choose for video conferencing. The ability to add the latest software to keep up with ever changing technology is essential. Although Teams and Zoom are the main platforms used for meetings now, the Council didn’t want to be limited to that in the future.

From a business perspective, we can see the real potential of what the Mondopad will offer us in the years to come.

Gene Oudes - Infrastructure and Support Lead, Waikato District Council

Collaboration, wireless presenting and whiteboarding are the main uses for Waikato District Council’s Mondopads. It is rare to see a Mondopad sitting idle.

Making sure the solution suited their staff was also really important, which the Mondopad does with its intuitive layout. Unlike the previous meeting room technology the Mondopad enables Waikato District Council staff to login directly to their Office 365 accounts, this gives them access to everything they need. “Staff know exactly what to look for and how to operate platforms, everything just makes sense.” This has reduced a lot of time previously wasted setting up for meetings and navigating the platform.

With Canon being a long term partner, it shows that they are constantly looking into what the market is doing and where technology is heading.

Gene Oudes - Infrastructure and Support Lead, Waikato District Council

The Mondopads’ whiteboarding feature is especially beneficial for Waikato District Council. With a lot of agile methodology for their planning, design work and meetings with contractors, they can map it out, capture their work, and then email it through to themselves or save directly to the network. Gene sees it all the time around the business.

Waikato DC was also very cognisant about not making the Mondopad part of their corporate network. If you want to use the flat panel, you go via the browser and through the guest network, two-factor authentication is mostly done at a Microsoft level. Not having to worry about the security and managing that themselves was a huge plus.

“The Mondopad is another arm Canon support for Waikato District Council and it is great to see they can provide a solution that really meets our needs” says Gene.

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