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Ensure your accounting firm is prepared for success now and into the future.

Opting for Canon's dependable and advanced printing and scanning technology can make a significant difference.

Digital transformation and cloud-based solutions have disrupted every industry in New Zealand. The professional services sector is no exception. Accounting firms in New Zealand are increasingly embracing digital transformation to support and supplement traditional, paper-based operations. In doing so, they’re finding their businesses are better placed to meet client expectations and deliver excellent service.

Firms embracing digital transformation are experiencing enhanced workflows, more efficient file management, and opportunities for more effective collaboration. They’re also facilitating better protection of highly confidential information from cybersecurity threats.

Statistics from Cert NZ(1) show that financial losses due to cybercrime in New Zealand were up 66% in the first quarter of 2023.

Cybersecurity experts say businesses are increasingly becoming a target for cyberattacks(2). Wenzel Huettner, chief cybersecurity architect at Defend, said 10 years ago, the main concern for businesses was spillover from attacks targeted in Australia.

Now, he said New Zealand was being specifically targeted at an alarming rate.

Cloud-based technology is helping businesses across the globe achieve compliance with data security and privacy requirements, which are expected to become increasingly complex.

But even businesses that have already introduced digital technologies into their operations have the potential to optimise further. We share some key tips about how we’re helping accountancy firms be prepared for success now and into the future.

From Paper to Bytes – Accelerating Digital Transformation

Accelerate digital transformation

Optimise your transition from a paper-based business to a digital operation with Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX series multifunction print and scan system. With these user-friendly devices, your business can easily handle significant scan volumes without slowing your workflow or impacting collaboration. Going digital increases efficiencies while limiting overhead costs and decreasing your environmental footprint.

Save on costs

Access advanced printing and scanning solutions without the burden of excessive investment costs. Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX series multifunction devices offer sophisticated technology, combining best-in-class hardware with the power of Canon’s award-winning cloud-based uniFLOW Online software. Now, your team can scan, print, and file securely from any location and connected device, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Facilitate collaboration

As remote and hybrid work models become popular, a paper-based approach makes it harder for employees to collaborate. Combined with uniFLOW Online print management software, Canon hardware facilitates advanced scanning and filing to a single platform from anywhere. Consequently, employees find it easier to work together closely, no matter where they are, without compromising strict data security.

Technology You Can Rely On

Meet tight deadlines and high customer expectations

Impress your clients with a personalised approach when integrating advanced printing and scanning technology into your accounting and bookkeeping tools suite.

Canon devices have predictive maintenance built into them to minimise downtime. The MyCanon Business self-service portal enables business customers to book and view service tickets, troubleshoot devices, and view consumable orders (excluding media) 24/7.

Security and Connectivity (Trellix and uniFLOW Online)

Prioritise data security

Cyber threats and malicious attacks have become more common across all industries. By meeting compliance standards such as FIPS 140-2, Canon ensures data stored on your imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX series device is securely encrypted. This extra layer of data security, along with McAfee's Embedded Control technology, helps protect privileged financial details, transactions, and other data that clients share with your accountancy practice. These robust security measures help protect your practice from real-time malware attacks, data breaches, or tampering with firmware.

Take a Zero Trust approach

Give your clients peace of mind with state-of-the-art, permission-based access technology and a Zero Trust approach.

Created following Microsoft principles, Zero Trust assumes that none of the users, devices, or services within and beyond the organisation can be trusted. Multiple layered strategies help you extend the controls that keep your network safe to your home-based and remote workers.

With uniFLOW Online software, all users are logically isolated from each other. Client data and documents remain securely in one user’s print queue until that user identifies themselves on the device to release their files. Taking this approach limits the risk of crucial financial information being seen by an unauthorised person.


Reduce waste and increase sustainability

Scale your technology to meet your organisation’s changing needs. With automated software and firmware updates, your team will always work with the latest, most efficient technology.

Ben Keach, Product Manager for Canon Oceania talks about how we’re developing technologies and designing components that use less materials, but last longer, without sacrificing reliability or performance.

uniFLOW Online will also reduce waste by asking users to identify themselves at a device and confirming individual print jobs before proceeding. A document will be deleted from the queue if it is no longer needed. You’ll drive down operational costs by lowering the usage of printer paper and other consumables while embracing more environmentally friendly practices.

Secure the Future of your Accounting firm Today

The professional services sector is changing, and securing your firm's future is only possible with digital transformation. Choosing reliable, advanced printing and scanning technology like Canon devices over traditional printers allows you to increase productivity, address data security concerns, and collaborate more efficiently.


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