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Making the most of digital signage at your school

6th July 2020

If you’ve been considering investing in digital signage for your school but aren’t sure exactly how to use it to get the most bang for your buck, we’ve curated a list of ten straightforward ways it can help boost your school’s voice. The possibilities really are endless, from weather to web pages, lost property to live streams – your only limit is your imagination!


One of the most obvious ways to use your digital signage is to advertise events. These could be in-school events (student plays, dances, sports games) or events you might consider streaming for your whole community (sports games or movie screening). Community events are a good way to fundraise for the school as well.

School Imagery

Pop up a gallery of event photos, student artwork, student or staff photography, changes around the school, or think of fun categories and have your students submit entries to be featured on the display. Keep changing them to keep it interesting!


There’s a lot going on in the world so including relevant and trending topics can help encourage meaningful chat between students. Have news items featured in areas that allow time for visitors or students to read – in a lunch room or reception waiting area – or play the content at break times.

School Updates and Information

Highlight any information relating to the school grounds, schedule or hours that students or staff need to know, or feature frequently asked questions for all to see.

School Rules

If you’ve had to address any particular issue at your school recently, use digital signage to remind kids of the school’s rules and values.


There’s nothing more important than encouraging the health of our future generations. Play short and sweet exercise regimes or dance tutorials geared towards kids, and help promote a healthy mindset.

Kids dancing in front of a large display panel.

Recipes/How To/Life Hacks

Help push your students to become strong and independent humans! Showcase basic ‘How To’ or ‘Life Hack’ lessons (obviously you want them to be quick bullet point lists, nothing too in depth!) or quick and easy recipes they can try at home.

Interesting Facts or Inspirational Quotes

Get your staff and students involved by asking them to submit interesting facts or cool quotes.


Throw up a cheeky meme every now and then to keep humour and fun alive.

Pro Tip

Avoid over crowding your messages – try and keep them short and succint, and remember visuals are a great way to break up lots of words.

See it in Action

Finlayson Park School in Auckland’s Manurewa are one of the best examples of how digital signage can be used not only for students, but to bring their community into the school and creating a stronger bond with them. They have held many events at the school for the community, be it a rugby game, or a way for parents to see what great stuff their kids are doing every day.

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