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Why Use The InFocus JTouch 50 Series For Education

We’ve created a list of the InFocus JTouch’s top five ‘teacher features’ to highlight what this technology could offer to your school.

With term three creeping up it’s never too late to empower your staff and students!

Create an inclusive learning experience that encourages the diverse learning styles of your students and captures their attention - transforming your learning environment has never been easier.
Encourage staff and students to achieve more with innovative interactive display technology such as the InFocus JTouch 50 Series – immerse your class in any subject and support blended learning for remote students with this completely customisable and memorable tool.

We’ve created a list of the InFocus JTouch’s top five ‘teacher features’ to highlight what this technology could offer to your school.

1. Wireless casting

Experience ‘student-proof’ wireless casting from any operating system (Windows, Apple and Android) and the ability for multiple people to cast simultaneously. Maintain an uninterrupted learning experience by utilising the accept or reject feature – which allows the presenter to approve casting requests from different devices.

2. Run Any App

If you are a ‘Google school’, great – continue using apps that your students and staff already know (Google Docs, Slides, YouTube etc) and simply run any application directly from the panel.

3. Digital Whiteboarding

The InFocus JTouch is the latest and greatest in digital whiteboarding and features a wide range of engaging creative tools to encourage collaboration and contribution. Save your brainstorming session or creative project directly to your preferred cloud account (Dropbox, Google Drive™, Microsoft OneDrive™ etc) with just the click of a button - it’s never been easier to store and share projects!

4. Annotate Over Any Content

Encourage collaborative learning with the innovative annotation feature. Cast from any device or directly connect your computer and enjoy the ability to draw over the top of any content or application.

5. Additional Teacher Features

‘Screen Lock’ – maintain security and limit mischief by locking the screen when you’re not in the room, ‘Screen Record’ – capture your class’s creativity using the screen recording feature, ‘AirClass’ - utilise the built-in AirClass tool to connect live with your students and immediately gain their understanding of a subject or select them to participate in an activity.

To learn more about the InFocus JTouch 50 Series, get in touch with a Canon specialist.

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