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Stiff and Sore? Improve the Ergonomics of your Home Set Up

Traditional work desks are created for comfort. How can replicate this ergonomic experience at home?

Working at a traditional work desk creates pain and discomfort for many people. So it’s no surprise that working from home makes matters worse.

If you’re working at the kitchen bench, on the couch, or even from bed, you might be forcing your body into awkward positions. This brings on the stiff neck, sore back and joint pain.

But with a few simple tweaks to your work from home set up, you can alleviate aches and pains. Use the following tips and your body will thank you.

A desk is best

If you have a study or workstation, commit to working in this space. An office desk and chair are designed to help you sit and work for longer periods. With the whole family working from home, you might need to take turns so that everyone can benefit.

No home office? No problem

If you don’t have a home office set up, you can still improve your work from home habits to reduce stress on the body. When sitting at a dining chair or bar stool, use a soft cushion to support the small of your back.

Try to keep your elbow above the work surface. This eases strain on your shoulder muscles. If you can’t adjust the height of your chair, sit on a big book to raise your height.

Ideally, you should sit with your feet flat on the floor and a small bend in your knees. If your seat is too high and your feet dangle, put a box or container underneath them for support.

Mixing things up

Your body is going to naturally want to change position. That’s a good thing. It’s also okay to work on the couch or in bed sometimes. The important thing it to limit the time you spend in these positions to 30 minutes.

You also have to take work breaks regularly. Avoid the temptation to read that news article you saw earlier or check your Facebook feed. Instead, get up and get the blood flowing. Even pottering around the house helps ease tension in the body.

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