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Cardrona Alpine Resort

5th May 2020


Cardrona Alpine Resort is a multi-faceted resort filled with breathtaking views, that strives to cater to the interests and abilities of a wide range of customers – an objective shared by Canon. From elite athletes descending some of the country’s longest mountain biking trails, to total beginners sliding down one of the large variety of skiing slopes, ensuring these customers receive the best experience possible is at the heart of everything that Cardrona does.

Following steady growth, Canon was brought in to work alongside Cardrona, and ensure the solution that resulted was well tailored to the needs of simplifying day-to-day operations, and facilitating and bettering the experience for the resort’s customers.

Cardrona Ski Resort


Working closely with Cardrona, Canon developed a number of solutions to benefit staff and customers, both at their base offices in Queenstown and Wanaka, as well as up on the mountain.

The Alpine Resort uses interactive Cisco Webex Boards powered by Canon Meeting Hub to offer real-time information sharing between offices. This allows teams in Queenstown and Wanaka to keep in constant contact with resort staff on the slope, enabling instand access to slope conditions among other things, without holding up a phone line. Cardrona also uses the ease of contact through the Canon Video Conferencing Solution to communicate with its parent company, the Wayfare Group.

The solution that Canon has provided allows the teams in Queenstown and Wanaka to communicate with the ticketing office. It enables real time information between the hill that doesn’t hold up our phone lines.

Marcus Highsted - Head Of Technology, Wayfare Group

In addition to the Canon Meeting Hub, the Cardrona team had a Canon Digital Display System installed in their reception area on the mountain, allowing an agile approach to ticket pricing and slope condition updates for their customers. As well as more flexible pricing within the winter season based on slope conditions, the new Digital Signage enabled far easier seasonal changes for the team on the mountain. With the ease of use of the Fusion Software, provided by Canon to run the backend of the Display System, the team can update all the signage in an instant rather than reprinting heavy physical signage each season.

Video Conferencing in Cardrona Alpine Resort


The logistics around implementation are key for any deployment, and in the case of Cardrona, the synergy between Canon and the customer, and the simplicity of the process were clear.

Cardrona had to ensure the full solution was setup in the two months after the Summer season, for use from the start of the Winter season, and were comfortable with their own technicians physically hanging the screens and Cisco boards, and connecting these to the network. From the other end, Canon had setup the software on all the devices prior to delivery, and the Canon Account Manager and Techs were regularly virtually communicating with Cardrona, to ensure the smooth setup of the entire solution in time to meet the customer’s completion date.

We’re really excited with the new screens we just put in from Canon – we’ve incorporated them into our new ticket office. It’s given us that flexibility to be a lot more dynamic. We’ve been able to change the pricing daily depending on conditions, or show different offerings that’s happening, and being able to go from summer to winter easily without having to reprint new signs.

Matt Woods - Head of Sales, Cardrona Alpine Resort

Both Canon and Cardrona Alpine resort look forward to growing our relationship further.

Digital display in Cardrona Alpine Resort
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