Building a successful offshore team is easy

Budgets are getting tighter and business leaders are increasingly under pressure to find cost-saving benefits. Daniel Alexander, Country Manager at Canon Group Company Converga, looks at the benefits of offshoring your ‘business-as-usual’ teams and the best strategies for implementation.

With budgets getting tighter every year, businesses have started to look at different ways of cutting costs. One of these options is to offshore your ‘business-as-usual’ activities, such as customer service and IT.

How your company approaches offshoring is the key to success. If done right, it can be a very positive thing for your business allowing your onshore staff to focus on customer-facing and revenue-generating activities. Any business process that doesn't need a handshake can be done from offshore. If you set it up well and find the right staff, there are really very few cons.

With adequate advice, planning and management, outsourcing projects will flourish.

Finding the right team

Offshoring is mostly a recruitment game and finding a recommended BPO to give you a helping hand is a good place to start, particularly if you are new to the process.

Do your research and find a partner who is just as invested in your success as their own; it's vital to find a reputable partner who can really guide you through. It can be a particularly daunting process for SMEs and one that can go very wrong, and be very costly. 

Setting up your offshore team 

A successful offshoring experience for all parties starts with good planning. Deloitte provides a great basic plan:

  • Get senior management commitment

  • Define your strategy, goals and outcomes of the team

  • Get to know your vendor. Visit their premises to get a feel for the environment and to examine their processes. Establishing a valuable ‘face to face’ relationship as a good foundation for a working relationship.

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