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Canon for Professional Services

Canon's products and solutions help you to better print, manage, track and archive transactional documents, freeing up time for you to spend with clients. Bottom line? Better business


From the original input to the final output, Canon's solutions for professional services can manage the bulk of your paper work. The danger of non-compliance with tax laws, or of procedural errors that can damage a firm's reputation are not worries relegated to the past. Canon's solutions for accounting and finance firms make it easy to digitise, print, archive and quickly retrieve crucial documents when you need it.

Forget punching keys for hours on end. New scanning technology allows rapid conversion of printouts and other written material into digital form.
Canon’s solutions include enhanced document security that will help preserve the confidentiality of your data. Not only control who has access to print, copy, scan or send documents from multifunction printers, but also ensure that only branch personnel who authenticate themselves at the device can release and print sensitive information.

Canon’s comprehensive output management software solution facilitates cost management by producing detailed departmental spending reports and assigning chargebacks to appropriate customer or project codes. Combine repetitive manual tasks into one-touch buttons, assemble materials for loan applications into one cohesive financial form and store commonly used forms, such as credit report requests. No invoice will be left behind!

We'll manage the details, giving you the freedom to focus on other things
As technology continues to advance, every industry needs to find new ways to do business and serve their customers. Canon solutions for professional services help to significantly simplify, speed up and enhance your document management processes, which allows you to improve the services you offer your clients.
Professional Services Solution Map.
Case Studies
Leveraging technology, automation and artificial intelligence has become vital for accounting and financial services in order to streamline their process. See how our range of solutions for professional services can make your work and your customers' life easier.
AJ Park

AJ Park has been providing companies with intellectual law services in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific for over 125 years. When dealing with a large number of documents that fall into the intellectual property category, and for the likes of government and multi-national business customers, reliability and trust is a necessity. Canon’s technology, expertise and hands-on approach to a smooth transition, provided AJ Park a robust, no-fuss solution that didn’t interfere with their busy schedules.

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“Canon's reporting is excellent and easy to use, and the devices have proven to be incredibly reliable. We haven't had a single service call since moving to Canon.”Milan Hira - IT Operations Manager, AJ Park
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