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Our approach
Your Canon expert takes a 3-step approach when conducting your Print Health Check.
  • Print environment discovery assessment

    A Canon expert will meet you to conduct an on-site, comprehensive assessment of your print and scan environment. We’ll review your print and document workflows to understand your current digital maturity.

    Discovery print environment assessment
  • Print optimisation report

    After the discovery assessment, we produce a report detailing our findings, insights and recommendations. The Print Health Check gives an overview of your current print fleet footprint and volumes and any finishing requirements. We’ll highlight any identified security risks.

    Print optimisation report
  • Solution design

    Canon will present a solution that is tailored to your business needs.

    Solution design

“In light of our experience, I highly recommend Canon to any organisation seeking superior printing solutions and desiring a hands-off approach to large-scale printer deployment. Their commitment to excellence, coupled with their proactive and customer-centric approach, makes them an invaluable partner for any business endeavour.”

Matt Leach, Operations Lead – Todd Corporation
Book a complimentary Print Health Check
The business environment is changing and we can help your organisation adapt more effectively. Our industry expertise, technologies, and best practices help ensure our clients remain competitive.
Why book a Print Health Check?
As a leading provider of award-winning print solutions, Canon is ideally placed to assess your current print and scan environment.

Enhance security

To keep sensitive information safe and secure, identifying potential risks and threats is critical. Our Print Health Check begins by assessing your print and scan operating environment to determine where opportunities for improvement may lie. From there, we recommend solutions to help you protect your sensitive business information against unauthorised access.

What's involved?
Hardware security assessment
Identification of risks and threats
Advice on enhancing data security

Enhance security

Streamline costs

Reviewing your print fleet can deliver significant cost savings - if you choose the right fleet. For example, you may be able to eliminate costly, on-site servers and the maintenance burden on your IT team. Canon will look at the basics, like implementing default printing rules and secure print to release jobs to help control wasteful spending.

What's involved?
Business print audit
Print cost analysis
Advice on optimising spend

Streamline costs

Optimise workflows

A streamlined print workflow can lead to better collaboration, increased productivity, and improved staff morale. When your print and scan environment works optimally, staff can complete simple tasks quickly and easily. Your people can focus on the more critical aspects of their roles, which is good for business. Analysing your current print workflow is a key part of the Print Health Check.

What's involved?
Analysis of current workflows
Business print audit
Recommended areas for improvement

Optimise workflows

Migrate to cloud

Cloud-based print solutions deliver a range of benefits, from cost savings to increased security and flexibility. With a Canon Print Health Check, we assess your organisational readiness for cloud-based solutions before plotting a path to a smooth transition. When up and running, your people will enjoy improved accessibility, and your business will benefit from streamlined operations and improved protection from vulnerabilities and cyber threats.

What's involved?
Cloud print and scan environment analysis
Transition risk assessment
Cloud journey mapping

Migrate to cloud
Supporting your digitisation journey
The shift to digital is driven by numerous advantages, ranging from increased efficiency and cost savings, to improved customer experiences and a competitive edge in the modern business landscape. Businesses should consider going digital with Canon’s support.
  • Strategic direction

    Strategic direction

    A Canon expert can support you with strategic planning and direction through your digitisation journey. We can assist by aligning your business goals with technological advantages to complement your operational requirements.

  • Adapting to change

    Adapting to change

    We can help navigate change by helping your organisation adapt to new technologies, assist in adjusting to market shifts, and evolving business landscapes.

  • Time saving

    Time saving

    Accelerate decision-making processes by developing a clear return on investment for digitisation efforts relating to your print and scan environment. We can work with your team to support project implementations and transitions, saving you valuable time.

Talk to an expert to book a Print Health Check
Interested in assessing your current print and scan environment? Fill out the form and a Canon expert will be in touch to arrange your complimentary Print Health Check.
Frequently asked questions
  • How long will it take me to receive my Print Optimisation Report?

    It generally takes 10-12 working days from the time of Canon contacting you to arrange the assessment before your Print Optimisation Report is received.

  • How many reports can I request in a 12-month period?

    Canon will provide one Print Optimisation Report per business entity; there is a charge for any follow-up services or analysis.

  • What do I need to provide Canon to conduct a Print Health Check?

    a) Full (applicable) access to your sites to undertake effective site-scoping;

    b) The contact details of a person responsible for communications between Canon and the eligible business entity, with the understanding that the business requires permission to engage in dialogue for the purpose of conducting a site-scoping activity; and

    c) A relevant Health and Safety Policy.

  • Who is eligible?

    New Zealand businesses with a valid New Zealand Business Number, who are registered for GST.

  • How will Canon handle my privacy requirements?

    Canon will handle all information in line with our privacy policy, which can be found at Privacy Policy.

  • Can I share this report with other third parties?

    The Print Optimisation Report is to be treated as commercial-in-confidence and must not be shared with direct competitors of Canon. It may be shared with outsourced IT providers upon permission.

  • Should I use the Print Optimisation Report to make financial decisions?

    Your Canon Expert will provide recommendations to increase security, optimise workflows, migrate to cloud, and reduce print-related costs in your business. They can help your business identify ‘quick wins’ but are not formal business advice and should not be used as a sole input for you to base your financial decisions on.

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