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Whether your employees are passionate photographers or looking to upgrade their technology at home, Canon has a great range of products that can help bring their ideas, stories and memories to life.

How does it work?

We have a quick form for you to complete which covers your agreement to give your team access to the programme and your acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Once your organisation’s MyCanon business account has been set up, anyone that signs up to MyCanon with an email will automatically have access to exclusive rates on all products on

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Terms and Conditions
  • Terms and conditions

    By signing up to MyCanon Employee Benefits Programme (MCEBP), on behalf of your Company, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

    1. You have full capacity and necessary authority to participate in the MCEBP.
    2. The MCEBP will be hosted in Canon’s Shop. To participate in the MCEBP, your employees must create an account within the Canon Shop and accept the Canon Shop’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.
    3. The MCEBP will only be offered to employees permitted by you. You acknowledge it is your responsibility to notify Canon of those employees eligible to participate in the MCEBP and of changes to the eligibility status of your employees. Unless otherwise notified by you, Canon will allow access to the MCEBP to all persons registered on the Canon Shop with the domain name you give to us.
    4. You warrant that you have permission from your employees to share their personal information with Canon for the purposes of administering the MCEBP.
    5. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Canon may use any trademark or branding associated with your company for the purpose of conducting your MCEBP. If such trademark or branding is owned by a third party, you warrant that Canon will be entitled to use such trademark or branding and you will indemnify Canon from any claim, loss or damages incurred in connection with its use of the trademark or branding.
    6. You must indemnify and hold harmless Canon and any Related Company (as defined in the Companies Act 1993) from any tax liability (including fringe benefits, payroll or income tax) or any associated reporting requirements, penalties or interest that may arise as a result of you permitting your employees to participate in the CCRP.
    7. You acknowledge that Canon may from time to time (either alone or in conjunction with you) conduct promotions for participants of the MCEBP and for this purpose may collect personal information and disclose such information to third parties. Any disclosure will be carried out in accordance with the Canon Shop’s privacy policy.
    8. You consent to Canon sending marketing material in electronic form to your employees using the business email domain nominated by you.
    9. Products offered through the Canon Shop and MCEBP are subject to stock availability and Canon reserves the right to change products available on the Canon Shop from time to time.
    10. Your employees may not give other people access to their MCEBP login.
    11. Your employees may not purchase any goods for resale or use the MCEBP for commercial benefit whether for themselves or any other third party.
    12. You or Canon may terminate the MCEBP on three month’s written notice to the other party.