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Small businesses recognised for the first time in Canon Oceania’s 2020 Grants

14th September 2020

Auckland, New Zealand, Monday 14th September 2020: Canon Oceania is today announcing the winners of its 2020 Grants Program, recognising two worthy organisations that will contribute to a better future for their local communities. This year, Canon revamped its Grants Program with a new small business category and increased cash donations in response to the impact the pandemic has had this year.

After the public cast more than 5,500 votes for this year’s finalists, Canon is awarding over $30,000 worth of grants to projects, across New Zealand and Australia.

For the last 14 years, in the spirit of Canon’s guiding philosophy of Kyosei – living and working together for the common good – Canon Oceania has supported over 80 schools, not-for-profits and community groups with more than $400,000.

The enormous number of applications is a humbling reminder of the remarkable work that is happening across our region despite tough personal and economic circumstances. We know ongoing support is crucial, as there are many organisations that will be permanently changed by the events of 2020. We hope this alleviates some of the uncertainty that many smaller organisations are facing and are excited to see how this year’s winners use their Grants to continue their admirable work.

For the first time, New Zealand winners will receive an equal donation of cash and equipment – to support causes trying to rebuild themselves in a weaker economy.



Small Business: $10,000 grant ($5,000 worth of Canon products and $5,000 cash)

Bay Light – Innovative Education Consultants

Bay Light is a camp that provides a chance for children to understand their place in the world and grow their self-belief. The Grant will provide two decile 1 schools with the opportunity to attend the educational camp for free, who normally wouldn’t have the financial means or opportunity to attend.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be the recipients of Canon’s very generous gift” “We’re passionate about providing opportunities for New Zealand young people to experience the stunning Bay of Islands and the rich history that exists there.  With Canon’s support we will be able to sponsor two Decile 1 schools and will be able to record and capture their experiences in photo and video form.  This will also help us to provide high-quality marketing going forward – so that more schools are aware of our mission to provide a camp for students to learn more about what it means to ‘honour the past, understand the present and build the future’.  Thank you again Canon for supporting Bay Light.”
Rebecca Dow - Specialist Consultant, Bay Light

Community: $5,000 grant ($2,500 worth of Canon products and $2,500 cash)

Broad Bay School

Broad Bay School is a primary school on the Otago Peninsula. The Grant will enable students to construct a 3D model of Broad Bay and the harbour that connects with oral histories of its local people through QR codes. Working closely with local people, the project will consolidate links between the school and the wider community.

“In this time of unprecedented global connectivity, it is vital that we also continue to foster our local community connections, with our people and the environment,”.“Canon's generous grant will allow Broad Bay School's Dunedin students to record the stories and histories of our people, past, present, and future, and connect these to a three-dimensional sculpture of our local environment, which will be a valuable resource for our community”
Greg MacLeod - Principal, Broad Bay School

The 2020 winners were based on each applicant’s potential to positively impact the small business, education and community sectors, as well as the degree to which Canon’s Grant would help bring the project to life.

Across the Tasman, Canon Grants are being awarded in Australia’s small business, education and community categories.

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