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Canon New Zealand – Contributors Form



Canon Canon New Zealand Limited (CN 438049) of Canon House, Akoranga Business Park, Akoranga, Northcote, Auckland 0627 New Zealand.
Form The form available at where the Participant fills out the Participant’s details and submits an Image or Video giving them the opportunity to have their Image or Video featured on Canon New Zealand’s digital platforms as part of the Program.
Image or Video The image or video submitted by the Participant was taken on a Canon camera and lens.
Participant The individual that has filled out the Form and submitted an Image or Video.
Program Means the program run by Canon gives individuals the opportunity to submit an Image or Video for use by Canon on any of Canon’s social media channels, email communications, and website. Participants will be contacted by Canon if their Image is selected, and submissions will be credited when featured using the Participant’s social media handle or their name.


1.1 In exchange for the opportunity to be featured and credited on Canon New Zealand’s social media channels, email communications and website as part of the Program, by submitting a Form and an Image the Participant irrevocably gives Canon the permission to:
 (a) reproduce and resize the Image or Video;
 (b) use the Image or Video without restriction on Canon’s official website, email communications and official social media channels; and
 (c) sublicense the use of the Image or Video to such of Canon’s contractors as is reasonably necessary to enable Canon to use the Image or Video in accordance with these terms.

1.2 If Canon wishes to use a Participant’s Image or Video for any purpose not specified in these terms, including specific marketing campaigns, Canon will contact the Participant to seek consent.

1.3 When it uses the Image or Video, Canon will attribute the Participant using their name or social media handle as listed in the Form. The Participant agrees that this is sufficient attribution.

1.4 The Participant agrees that (a) he/she is at least 18 years of age and is free to consent to these terms; or (b) if the Participant is under 18 years of age, their parent or legal guardian consents to the Participant completing and submitting the Form with their Image and agreeing to these terms.

1.5 The Participant warrants the Image or Video is taken on a Canon camera, is his or her own, that she or he owns all copyright in the Image and is free to grant the permissions set out in these terms to Canon.

1.6 If the Image or Video contains a person or people, the Participant warrants that he or she has obtained written consent to submit the Image or Video to Canon for Canon’s use as part of the Program from each person featured in the Image, and must provide evidence of the consent when requested by Canon. The Participant indemnifies Canon from any loss arising from a breach of this clause.

1.7 Canon may contact the Participant to verify any information provided and/or if there are any issues with the submitted Image or Video or its use.

1.8 Participants must complete and submit the Form with the attached Image or Video to have their Image or Video considered as part of the Program.

1.9 Canon may choose not to use a Participant’s Image or Video.

1.10 The Participant cannot claim any royalties or licence fees from Canon in relation to the use of the Image or Video on its social media channels, email communications, and website. The Participant waives all claims for any compensation arising from Canon’s use of the Image or Video and from all liability in connection with that use including liability for legal action, damages or compensation costs.

1.11 If Canon features the Participant’s Image or Video across its social channel, email communications or website, Canon will contact the Participant to advise them of its intended use.

1.12 Personal information Canon collects from the Participant will be used to promote their Image or Video. Canon may disclose such information to third parties, including agents, contractors, service providers, and suppliers to promote the image, and as required, to regulatory authorities. Personal information will be managed in accordance with Canon’s Privacy Policy (available at

1.13 These terms are governed by the laws of New Zealand and the parties agree and submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of its Courts.

1.14 For any queries relating to your submission, Participants can contact Canon at