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Regarding vulnerability measure against buffer overflow for Laser Printers and Small Office Multifunction Printers

Posted on 5 February 2023
Updated 1 April 2023

Multiple cases of buffer overflow vulnerabilities have been confirmed for Canon Laser Printers and Small Office Multifunction Printers (Refer to affected models shown below).

(CVE-2023-6229/6230/6231/6232/6233/6234, CVE-2024-0244)

This vulnerability suggest the possibility that if a product is connected directly to the Internet without using a wired or Wi-Fi router, a third party on the Internet may execute arbitrary code or the product could be subjected to Denial-of Service (DoS) attack.

We have not received any report of damage to date.

For the safety of your products, please update the firmware (for products mentioned below) to the latest version.

In addition, please do not connect directly to the Internet. Instead, set a private IP address on a secure private network configured via firewall product or a wired/Wi-Fi router.

For details, please refer to the following link.

We will work to further strengthen security measures to ensure that customers can continue using Canon products with peace of mind.

Affected Products:

Product Name CVE-2023-6229 CVE-2023-6230 CVE-2023-6231 CVE-2023-6232 CVE-2023-6223 CVE-2023-6234 CVE-2024-0244 Countermeasure firmware version
MF746CX / C1127IF V13.01
LBP664CX V13.01
MF756CX V04.01
C1333IF V04.01
MF753CX V03.09 or Later
LBP674CX V04.01
IR1643IFII v04.01 or Later
ICX1440P / ICX1440IF / LBP243DW / MF465DW v03.02 or Later

As soon as we confirm the vulnerability of other products, we will inform you immediately on this page.

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