Alteration of image originality verification data

It has come to our attention that image data may be altered in a way that causes the image originality verification function of the affected products listed below to make incorrect determinations about whether the images being verified with these products are authentic.

Information about altering image data has been posted on non-Canon Web sites after an independent, third-party analysis of the firmware and data structure of compatible Canon products. This information can be used to alter image data with the aim of causing incorrect determinations of authenticity.

Customers using these products with any questions or concerns about this issue are asked to contact the nearest Canon customer support centre for more information.

Contact Information for Inquiries:

Canon Australia
Services & Support
13 13 83 (Local call)

Canon New Zealand
Customer Care
0800 222 666

Affected Products:

  • Original Data Security Kit OSK-E3
  • Original Data Verification Kit DVK-E2
  • Original Data Verification Kit DVK-E1


There is a possibility that retouched images (i.e., images that have been edited with image editing software) could be incorrectly verified as authentic if the data is altered to cause the image originality verification function to make incorrect determinations.