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Remote Camera Control Application for macOS Version 1.3.0

2nd July 2024

Thank you for using Canon products.

Application Overview:
This software is used for remote operation of the camera while viewing the image.

Applicable Models:
CR-N700 / CR-N500 / CR-N300 / CR-N100 / CR-X300
EOS C300MkIII / EOS C500MkII / EOS C70 / EOS C400

Distribution file:


Ver 1.3.0 incorporates the following enhancements:
1. Adds support for operation and setting of the Auto Tracking Application RA-AT001.
- Adds [View] button to display crop frame on the [Crop] of Add-on tab.
- Enables the ability to perform automatic tracking silhouette operations while displaying a cropping frame.
2. Adds support for operation and setting of the Auto Loop Application RA-AL001.
3. Enables the ability to display the power status, recording status (recording mode), and audio level indicator to the video display area.
4. Adds buttons for [AF Lock], [Rec Command] and [Assignable Button Setting] to the camera’s operation area.
5. Adds the following new functions while operating EOS C400.
- Enables the ability to confirm the effective area of AF on the video display area.
- Adds [Base ISO] button to the camera’s operation area.
- Adds [People AF] and [Animal AF] button to the camera’s operation area.

Installation Instructions:
Refer to the instructions for installing the Remote Camera Control application.

<Application File>
- Remote Camera Control

The application contains software modules developed by third parties. The details are available in the download: ReadMe-E.txt, ThirdPartySoftware-E.txt (Third Party Software) and the license conditions are available in the ThirdPartySoftware folder which is inside the LICENSE folder.

- Read the Readme file or the User Guide for this software before using. Important notes and restrictions regarding this software are contained therein.
- Update the camera to the latest firmware.

PC Recommended Environment:
OS: macOS 14, macOS 13
PC: PC compatible with the above OS
CPU: Intel Core i7 / M1
Memory: 16 GB or more
Display: Resolution 1920×1080 or greater

1. Download the file to any folder.
2. Open dmg file.
3. Drag and drop the Remote Camera Control file into the Applications folder
(/ Applications).
4. Open Launchpad and click "Remote Camera Control Application" to launch the app.

File language:

Further information:
Please refer to the download page of the applicable models.

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