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Stay Sharp Continuously

Stay Sharp Continuously
The EOS R series firmware update takes Eye Detect Auto Focus and movement tracking to the next level so you never miss a moment.

Accurate Eye Detection From a Distance

Eye Detection Auto Focus accurately picks up on your subjects eyes, even if they're far away and their face displaying in the viewfinder is small.

Eye Detection Auto Focus
  *Actual footage displayed. This is not a simulation

Reliability In Tracking Your Subject

We've improved the auto focus tracking on our EOS R series cameras so you can be confident that your gear will continuously track your target's eyes, even when they turn around or walk out and back in to frame.

Reliable auto focus tracking
*Actual footage displayed. This is not a simulation  

Real Time Display

You can rely on your EOS R series camera to track your subject's movement without delay. Our update ensures that the auto focus frame display in the viewfinder or on the LCD is accurate and in real time, with no lag of the actual auto focus position.

Auto focus tracking without delay
  *Actual footage displayed. This is not a simulation
Download Your Free Firmware Update For EOS R Series Cameras
Enjoy further enhances in Eye Detect Auto Focus performance and Auto Focus motion tracking performance, with the added ability to detect and focus on the eyes of subjects up to five times farther away.
  • EOS R Firmware Update

    Download your free firmware update for EOS R: Version 1.4.0

    Download Now

  • EOS RP Firmware Update

    Download your free firmware update for EOS RP: Version 1.3.0

    Download Now

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