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CR-N700 Firmware Update Version 1.4.0

2nd July 2024

Thank you for using Canon products.

Firmware Version 1.4.0 incorporates the following fixes and enhancements:

1. Adds Lite version of the automatic tracking application. Lite version application has basic features of the automatic tracking application.
2. Adds [Canon 709 / BT.709] to the Gamma/Colour Space in Custom Picture Settings.
3. Adds [G Gain] in White Balance in Custom Picture Settings.
4. Adds [CMT709] to LUT and View Assist in Monitoring Settings.
5. Enables the ability to adjust Custom Picture [Black: Master Pedestal], [Black: Master Black Red], [Black: Master Black Blue], and [Black: Master Black Green] more widely.
6. Enables the ability to set Clear Scan Settings in more detail.
7. Adds function for setting a limit on the range of operation of the pan / tilt.
8. Enables the ability to set zoom and focus speeds in more detail.
9. Enables the ability to make [Speed Level] of Preset Setting a finer adjustment at lower speeds.
10. Adds function for selecting SDI output timecode superposition on or off.
11. Displays the Camera Name set by the user at the top of the Settings Page.
12. Increases target bit rate limit when using encryption with SRT protocol.
13. Fixes minor issues.

Update the firmware from the camera's Settings Page. For details, refer to the camera's Settings Guide.

<Firmware file>
- crn700-v140.bin

The firmware contains software modules developed by third parties. For details, see "ReadMe-E.txt" in the downloaded file and "ThirdPartySoftware-E.pdf" (third-party software) in the lower part of each folder in the "LICENSE" folder. The license terms for each module are contained in the same folder.

Do not turn off the power to the camera while performing the firmware update. Turning off the camera at this stage may result in disabling its ability to boot correctly.

Windows 11, Windows 10 64bit,
macOS 14, macOS 13

Preparations for a firmware update:
1. Download the file to any folder.
2. Extract files from a compressed file (ZIP file).
3. For further instructions, refer to Readme in the decompressed folder.

Further information:
• CR-N700 Firmware Download Link

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