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CR-N500 Firmware Update Version 1.1.0

17th August 2021

Thank you for using Canon products.

Firmware Version 1.1.0 incorporates the following improvements:

1. Able to specify desired [Time] or [Speed Level] for Pan/Tilt/Zoom operations when calling presets.
 By this, when calling a preset, the Pan/Tilt/Zoom operations start at the same time and finish at the same time.
2. Able to stop a preset operation by the [Stop] button.
3. Minor bug fixes.

Update the firmware from the camera's Settings Page.
For details, refer to the camera's User Manual.

<Firmware file>
 - crn500-v110.bin

The firmware contains software modules developed by third parties. The details are available in the download: Readme-E.txt. The Third-party Software License (ThirdPartySoftware-E.pdf) and the license conditions are available in the OpenSource Folder which is inside the LICENSE folder.

Further information:
CR-N500 Firmware Download Link

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