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imageFORMULA DR-G2140 Support
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For Windows 10, Windows 10 x64, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 x64, Windows Server 2012 R2 x64, Windows Server 2016 x64, Windows Server 2019 x64 Updated 09 Nov 2020

Content Id: 0100993521

About the driver


This bundled driver complies with ISIS / TWAIN / WIA standards which is compatible with a wide range of application software.

Update History

DR-G2140/ G2110/ G2090 Driver V.1.2.12007.3001 SP1
- Thin line emphasis function is added.
- Fix some minor bugs.

DR-G2140/ G2110/ G2090 Driver V.1.1.11807.24001 SP7
- Fix the issue with Imprinter counter
- Fix the issue that the scanner may not be able to scan with Captiva Cloud
- Fix the issue with color mode setting when using the optional flatbed scanner
- Fix the issue with the value of Multistream for DR Scanner SDK
- Fix the issue that the restored settings may not be adopted when the drive get Auto Color Detection with Tag/Capability
- Improve Binder Hole Removal function
- Fix the issue that texts of the driver UI dialog are not localized when using specific application software
- Improve the operation of the driver on the application without TWAIN compatible
- Fix the issue the driver may freeze in the specific condition
- Change the display contents in the UI when installing the driver

DR-G2140/ G2110/ G2090 Driver V.1.1.11807.24001 SP4

- Bug fix

File information

File Name :
File Type : DR
File Size : 330690573KB