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DP-V3010, Firmware Version 1.3

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Details of changes made to the firmware
The additional functions and improvements described below have now been incorporated into this firmware (as Version 1.3).

1.It is possible to check video captured in Canon's proprietary ""Canon Log 3"" and ""Canon Log 3 (HDR)"" gamma settings and ""Hybrid Log-Gamma""* which is the HDR (High Dynamic Range) video standard.
2.The Scale displays of ""Canon Log/Canon Log 2/Canon Log 3"" and ""SMPTE ST 2084"" have been added to ""Wave Form Monitor function"".
3.""Local Dimming Auto"", which suppresses the black level to a greater degree than before, has been added to ""Backlight Control function"".
4.""Off"" has been added to ""Color Temperature"" settings.
5.Both ""1.0"" and ""Off"" have been added to ""Gamma"" settings.
6.The ""CDL"" settings have been changed to the ""CDL/User LUT"" settings. Furthermore, ""Off"" has been added to the ""CDL/User LUT"" settings while, in the CDL processing area, it is possible to perform ""LUT Import"", establish ""LUT Name"" settings and implement ""LUT Delete"".
7.A function that can be registered to the Function Buttons has been added.
8.The time during which the black screen is displayed when the signals are switched has been made shorter.
* Draft Recommendation ITU-R BT. [HDR-TV] supported (as of January 25, 2016)

Please check the firmware version on your Video Display. If it is running Version 1.2 or an earlier version, then it should be updated to Version 1.3.There is no action necessary if the Video Display's firmware is Version 1.3.

Preparations for updating the firmware
It is recommended that current settings are exported before attempting to update the firmware. Once the firmware is updated, settings can be imported back to the display.
The downloaded folder contains the new firmware. (Filename: ""update.rom"", file size: 15,071,927 bytes)It also contains the firmware update procedure document (multilingual PDF file in following languages: Japanese, English, French, German and Chinese (simplified characters). Before proceeding to update the firmware, please read the firmware update procedure document.

Software Used in This Product
Software installed with this product includes software modules from Canon or third parties.

Software Developed by Canon and Free Software
Software developed or created by Canon and accompanying document is protected by copyright law, terms of an international convention and any other governing laws.
This product uses software modules under copyright by third parties and distributed as free software. Some of these software modules are subject to the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL), GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 (LGPL) or any other license.

System requirements

The following items are required to perform the firmware update:
1. Display unit
2. Display controller provided with display unit
3. Personal computer
4. USB memory (FAT16 or FAT32)
5. Firmware (The downloaded file)

File information

File Name :
File Type : FA
File Size : 18593800KB