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PhotoStitch 3.2.4 Updater for Mac OS X

For Mac OS X Updated 01 Jan 0001 24 Sep 2015

Content Id: 0200114507

About the driver

PhotoStitch 3.2.4 Updater for Mac OS X is software that will install PhotoStitch on your computer or update a previously installed version of PhotoStitch to PhotoStitch 3.2.4.

Please refer to the following instructions on how to download and install the software. The file to be downloaded is saved as a disk image file. 1. Confirm that a previous version of PhotoStitch is installed. If a previous version is not installed, prepare an installation CD that includes PhotoStitch. 2. Download "psx-upd-3-2-4-25-r3-u01-8l.dmg.gz" from the download page. 3. Extract "psx-upd-3-2-4-25-r3-u01-8l.dmg.gz". 4. Double-click the "Update Installer" icon inside the "PSX_UPD_324" folder. 5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

If you use PhotoStitch 3.2.4 for Mac OS X in conjunction with ImageBrowser, you will need the v6.4 ( or later) of ImageBrowser.