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Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Limit

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When recording in dark surroundings, the camcorder will automatically increase the gain to try to get a brighter picture. By setting a maximum gain value, you can limit the amount of noise in the picture and keep a darker look. This function can only be used when the shooting mode is set to P, Tv or Av.


The AGC limit cannot be set in the following cases:

When the exposure is locked.
When infrared recording is activated.

Setting the Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Limit

1. Set the mode switch to .

2. Set the power switch to CAMERA.

3. Touch [FUNC] on the shooting screen.

4. Select [ AGC Limit ].

5. Select [ ].

An adjustment dial will appear on the screen.


Select [ ] again to return the camcorder to automatic gain control.

6. Drag your finger along the dial to set the desired maximum gain value.


You can select an AGC limit from 0.0 dB to 38.0 dB.
If [FUNC] -⋗ [Looks] is set to [ Wide DR ], the lowest AGC limit that can be set will be 9.0 dB.

7. Select [ ].

When an AGC limit is set, and the maximum gain value will appear on the left of the screen.


If you set the CUSTOM dial’s function to [ AGC Limit ], you can turn the AGC limit on/off with the CUSTOM button and adjust the AGC limit using the CUSTOM dial.

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