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Specifying a Paper Size

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This section describes how to print a document on your computer by using the printer driver.

1. Open a document in an application and display the print dialog box.

How to display the print dialog box differs for each application. For more information, see the instruction manual for the application you are using.

2. Select this machine, and click [Preferences] or [Properties].

The screen that is displayed differs depending on the application you are using.

3. Specify the paper size.

(a) [Page Size]

Select the size of a document made in the application.

(b) [Output Size]

Select the size of paper on which the document will be actually printed. If the selected size differs from the one specified in [Page Size], the document is printed enlarged/reduced automatically according to the selected size.

4. Specify other print settings as necessary.


You can register the settings you specified in this step as a "profile" and use the profile whenever you print. You can eliminate the need to specify the same settings every time you print. For details on the settings, see the "e-Manual" (HTML manual) in the CD-ROM supplied with the printer.

5. Click [OK].

6. Click [Print] or [OK].

Printing starts. On some applications, a screen like shown below appears.

To cancel printing, click [Cancel] when the screen shown above is displayed. After the screen disappears or if the screen is not displayed, you can cancel printing in other ways.


Do not rub printed paper

If you rub printed paper with fingers or cloth, toner may transfer to the fingers or cloth.

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