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Speedlite EL-100

$319 RRP

Compact Speedlite flash with bounce and tilt functions
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Compact Speedlite flash with bounce and tilt functions

A powerful and versatile flash you can take anywhere

Product image of Speedlite EL-100
  • Compact slim design

    Weighing in at just 190g, this ultra-compact flash with small footprint will slip in to any camera bag and is designed to take with you at all times

  • Bounce flash for more natural lighting

    The Speedlite EL-100 flash unit's head can freely turn up to 90° up, 150° to the left, and 180° to the right for control over lighting.

    Portrait image taken with Speedlite EL-100
  • Flexibility for any orientation

    Tilt function enables you to bounce light even when shooting in portrait orientation

  • Optical wireless communication for off camera flash

    The Speedlite EL-100 works as both a sender to trigger other flashes and a receiver which can fire off camera when triggered by another transmitter

    Setup with Speedlite EL-100
First Look: Speedlite EL-100
Speedlite EL-100
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) mm

    64.3 x 84.2 x 61.3mm

  • Zoom Range

    24/50mm switched manually

  • Max Guide Number


  • Battery

    2x AA sized batteries

  • Bounce angle

    90° above, 150° left, 180° right

  • Optical transmission

    Sender and Receiver

  • Weight