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RF Professional Lenses

Get the most out of your EOS R series body with our range of RF lenses. Packed with the most advanced Canon tech, these are a must-have for any pro kit.
Experience The RF Lens Difference
  • Up close image of an owl

    Superior Image Quality

    Get superior image quality and sharpness, with minimal light fall-off. Thanks to the 20mm flange focal distance, there is less bending of light rays as they pass through the lens.

  • Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera

    Built To Last

    The legendary L-series lenses are built for durability. They are carefully crafted with weather-sealing and fluorine coatings to safeguard against waterdrops, oil and dust.

  • EOS R5C and Canon lenses

    Fast Communication

    Experience fast and responsive autofocus and superior image stabilisation. The 12-pin connection expands the speed and quantity of data transfer between camera and lens.

Our Top RF Lenses

Canon For The Creators​

Our EOS R Mirrorless range of full frame and APS-C sensor cameras come with the best of our tech and innovation to elevate your style of shooting.

Find Your Kit
Canon Masters using RF lenses
Many of our Canon Masters use RF Lenses as a key part of their kit to excel in their niche and create jaw-dropping content. Check out their profiles to see what they shoot with.
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