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What is our 50th anniversary video competition?
Celebrate 50 years of Canon Oceania with us! Thanks to your support, we've reached this milestone, and now we invite you to show us what '50' means to you. Unleash your creativity in our video competition for a chance to win $5000. Grab any device, think outside the box and let your imagination shine. Good luck!
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How to enter

To enter, you’ll need to film a video based on the brief ‘50’ and submit it using the form below before 5pm the 11th of March, 2024. View the full terms and conditions here for more details, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

- Your video must be under 2 minutes in length
- It can be filmed on any device, be it a camera, phone or anything in-between
- To submit your video you can either provide the link to an unlisted YouTube video, or a link to a public video on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook
- If providing the latter, please make sure your account is on public so we can review your entry
- The video can be filmed in any format accepted by these platforms
- We’re looking for creativity over technical perfection. The winning entry will be chosen on creative merit and how well you answered the brief

Tips & inspiration

Canon photographer, @cam_snaps, shares his top tips on how to get started with your video entry.

  • Plan tile

    Plan your video

    Keep your video tight and engaging. Make sure you can showcase your idea efficiently, so that the judges will understand you idea straight away.

  • Create tile

    Push the creative boundaries

    Sounds a bit cliche, but really try and think outside the box. If you want your entry to stand out in a sea of other videos, then you want to think of a really unique idea that’s gonna capture people’s attention.

  • Experience tile

    Use sound

    Utilise sound to enhance your video. Whether it’s through SFX, or adding the right music to your video. Sound design is such an important of way of making your videos pop, not just pretty visuals.

Need inspiration? Watch Cam’s example competition entry

Meet the judges
Frequently asked questions
Any questions? We’re here to help. Reach out to us on social or check out the answers below to learn more.
  • When are the key dates?

    The competition opens from the 7th of Feb and entries close 5pm NZDT on the 11th of March. Stay tuned on the 22nd of March as we announce the winners on our social media channels.
  • What format should my video be in?

    Your video can be uploaded in any format that the following social media platforms accept:
     - YouTube
     - Facebook
     - Instagram
     - TikTok

    Your video entry should be less than 2 minutes in length. It can be uploaded in portrait, landscape or any orientation the above platforms accept. It can be uploaded as an MP4 file, MOV file or any other file type the above platforms accept.

    If uploading a video on YouTube, please follow the steps here: Upload YouTube videos - Computer

    Please ensure the visibility on your video is set to either public or unlisted.

    If uploading a reel on Instagram, please see more information on specifications here. Please make sure your account is set to public. You can learn more here:

    If you choose to upload your video on Facebook, you can find out more here. When sharing the post please ensure the audience is set to everyone. You can learn more here: Choose who can see your post on Facebook

    If uploading a video to TikTok, please ensure your account is set as public and when posting you set the video as visible to everyone.

    For more information, see the following articles:
     - Choosing between a private or public account
     - Video privacy
  • What is the winning prize?

    The winner of this competition will receive a $5,000 NZD Preezee universal gift card. This versatile card can be exchanged for individual gift cards from hundreds of various local and international retailers
  • How will the winner be selected?

    Our two judges, Canon Ambassadors Kate Cornish and Wil Calabio, will be deciding on the winning entry. They will be selecting the winner based on creative merit and how well they answer the brief of ‘50’.
  • What are the terms and conditions of this competition?

    View the full terms and conditions for the competition here: Canon New Zealand 50th Anniversary Video Competition Terms and Conditions