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Kofax Power PDF

From the leader in secure document workflow solutions comes Kofax Power PDF 4, the easiest and most accurate way to give PDF users control over PDF files.
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From the leader in secure document workflow solutions comes Kofax Power PDF 4, the easiest and most accurate way to give PDF users control over PDF files.
Gain control of all your PDF conversion, editing, forms, and collaboration processes

Kofax Power PDF Advanced is the leading PDF solution that makes it easy to gain control over PDF workflows in every department and for every use. Kofax Power PDF Advanced is the only PDF solution that delivers ease of use and accuracy as never before, freeing you from the compromises of traditional PDF applications.

Why use a PDF software solution?

Kofax Power PDF enables document collaboration, which speeds business processes along while safeguarding information integrity and data. It takes seriously good technology to edit PDF files directly or recreate PDF files in editable formats (like Microsoft Word). Uncontrolled PDF and paper document workflows are a root cause of inefficiency. Kofax Power PDF helps enable workflows for heavily regulated industries to ensure they run securely and efficiently.

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    Enable your teams with advanced PDF editing features

    Create, edit and annotate PDF documents. Convert PDF to electronic forms. Retrieve and save PDFs to cloud storage and document management systems directly.

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    Do more with PDFs for less

    Provide advanced PDF editing and collaboration features to your teams without breaking the bank.

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    Digitally sign PDF documents

    Use built-in electronic signature tools, or send to your electronic signature provider such as DocuSign® using integrated signing features.

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    Work with all PDF formats

    With Power PDF Advanced, you can rest assured that you are creating the most compatible and secure PDF documents possible.

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    Create and assemble PDFs easily from any application

    Use Microsoft Office ribbon to create advanced PDFs, or print from any application to create fully compliant, industry-standard PDF files compatible with all PDF viewers. Combine files and remove or replace pages with drag-and-drop ease.

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    Accurately convert PDFs into editable documents

    Complex layouts with columns, tables and graphics are faithfully reproduced in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Corel WordPerfect documents.

Power PDF is valued in heavily regulated industries

Kofax Power PDF is popular in industries such as finance, manufacturing, legal, healthcare and government. Power PDF complements particular workflows within these industries, and supports how they engage internally and externally with their customers, patients and vendors.

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    Amazing flexibility

    Power PDF 4 easily connects to popular cloud services or enterprise document management systems, offering your team members the flexibility to securely host documents wherever the business requires.

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    Familiar User Interface

    An enhanced Microsoft Office style ribbon interface that is familiar, enjoyable to use and stands the test of time makes the switch to Power PDF easy.

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    Lower cost

    Power PDF provides low cost, easy licensing and high value. Lower cost per employee means everyone in the organisation can get PDF software.

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    PDF productivity with no compromises

    Don't compromise for less capable software that just doesn't get the job done. With Power PDF you get all the functionality you need, for every user that needs it.

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    Work more securely

    Keep information secure with the Power PDF complete security toolkit. Advanced redaction capabilities automatically inspects documents and removes sensitive data for safe, secure document sharing.