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Canon's Lightest Binoculars With Image Stabilisation
Light and compact 8 x 20 IS Binoculars

Canon's 8x20 IS Binoculars are the perfect choice if being compact, lightweight and portable are important features to you. The lightweight design ensures that you can hold the binoculars in one hand for longer periods of time without being uncomfortable, plus it easily fits into a bag for everyday use.

  • New Canon 8 x 20 IS Binoculars
    Clear Image Performance

    The implementation of a field-flattener lens means you have a clear view from edge to edge with no blurring. These binoculars are also equipped with Super Spectra Coating, which lets in more light and reduces the appearance of ghosting and flaring.

  • Canon 8 x 20 IS Binoculars ergonomic design
    Image Stabilisation

    Equipped with image stabilisation, your field of view will appear clearer and more detailed as the system reduces the users natural shake when looking through the binoculars. The intuitive design includes a dimpled finish and knurled texture for superior usability and enables you to rest your finger on the bridge section for a solid grip; delivering a simpler and more comfortable product.