Efficient output and intelligent document handling

Smart way to save space, time and money

Small offices or businesses are known for being agile. This black and white multifunction printer will help support your efficiency and smart business needs. With intelligent document handling and smart security measures, it lets you get on with your work while saving you money. And with its handy compact size, it doesn't take up much needed space.

  • Protect information

    Award-winning authentication prevents unauthorised usage, allows traceability and safeguards your data.

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  • Monitor outgoings

    Monitor who's printing what and how much, so that you can restrict individual or department usage - giving you better control over your costs.

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    Enjoy stronger collaboration

    Our printers come with a range of tools ready to integrate with existing systems. Easy to configure, manage and operate across networks

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    Keep private information, private

    A variety of features such as Data Erase, IP and MAC address filtering, smart user authentication, and Data Loss Prevention saves you the time and damage associated with costly mistakes.

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    Maximise productivity

    Users can personalise the experience to suit common tasks, opt for automatic stapling and duplex scanning, or work remotely - features designed to simplify tasks and enhance productivity.

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    Reduce energy wastage

    With recycled parts, leading consumption ratings and efficient sleep modes, our printers will help you support your environmental policy.

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    Take the pressure off money concerns

    When you can efficiently perform multiple tasks, understand print behaviour and apply usage restrictions, as well as share resources from other devices, you can better manage your time and costs.

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    Work flexibly

    Our MEAP-based software lets you print from your phone, the cloud or the internet, giving employees more flexible work options, which means a happier, more productive workforce.

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