• 50 degrees angle view icon

    50 degrees of flexibility

    This angle offers high-precision optics for wide, extremely detailed retinal images, enabling easier alignment and focusing, with fewer errors and less flash flare - even with smaller pupil sizes.

  • Digital magnification icon

    Get closer

    One button gets you a closer, more enlarged view of the retina for immediate review on your PC. Works by automatically cropping peripheral edges so that the region is larger in the frame for review.

  • HIRES image icon

    Sharp images in 2 steps

    First align the two halves of the split line using the focusing knob, then adjust the working distance to stop flash flares by moving the joystick until the 2 side dots are clear in the viewfinder.

  • Motorised chinrest icon

    Motorised chin rest

    Make examinations more comfortable and accommodate your patient's height with the motorised chin rest. Simply move use buttons on the control panel to move the chin rest up and down.

  • Ergonomic design icon

    Ergonomic design. Intuitive controls

    Designed for ease with one handed operation, and grouped buttons so you spend less time fiddling with controls. Other features include: built-in tilting unit and motorised filters.

  • Compact icon

    Compact in size

    Get closer face-to-face interaction & easy access to the examinee's eye. Your detachable digital camera receives its power through the body of the CF-1, so cables are neatly tucked out of the way.

  • EOS5D technology icon

    EOS 50D technology

    Equipped with the EOS 50D, it comes loaded with 15.1 megapixels. It's also easily upgradable because it can be exchanged for future models - so you never miss out on the newest technology.

  • Open connectivity icon

    Open connectivity and DICOM compliant

    CF-1 with RICS have open connectivity, for easy integration with existing patient information databases. It's fully DICOM compliant images can be printed directly or exported as JPEG or DICOM files.