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Large Format Printers

Showcase your CAD, GIS and technical drawings with millimetre accuracy and present your photography, signage and POS in stunning vivid colour. Choose from a range of print speeds and multifunction capabilities to suit your business needs.
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A Lineup Optimised For The Needs Of Each Market

The large-format inkjet printer market can be broadly divided into the graphic art market—which includes printing related to photo art as well as advertising/product posters—and the CAD/poster market—which includes printing related to CAD drawings, GIS (geographic information systems), perspective prints (three-dimensional renderings of building exteriors and room interiors), and POP advertising. Canon's lineup features large-format inkjet printers suitable for both of these markets.

For the graphic art market, Canon provides printers that use the LUCIA PRO ink system, which achieves superior color expression. These include two PRO series models, one that uses 12 colors to achieve the highest possible photo quality, and another that uses 8 colors to achieve improved productivity while maintaining high image quality.

For the CAD/poster market, Canon provides printers that use LUCIA TD ink, which makes possible the printing of vivid colored posters or drawings with sharp reproduction even on economical plain paper. These include the TX series of printers aimed at high-end users who deal with high-volume printing, and therefore provide enhanced productivity and security, and the TM series, which is aimed at mid- and low-end users and offers reduced noise and enhanced usability.

Canon Large Format Printer Range Explained.
Boost Your Creativity With PosterArtist

PosterArtist is an easy to use online poster creation software that allows you to design a wide range of posters, menus, flyers and banners with access to millions of royalty-free photos using templates and is compatible with a wide range of Canon printers. Best of all, PosterArtist is free of charge.

  • Photo of mountains

    Uncompromising quality of photo and fine art prints

    Achieve beautifully rich Photography & Fine Art prints with Canon’s range of specialty printers. There is a printer to suit every individual or business, with flexibility in size, speed, media options available. 
    - Print borderless up to 60” wide
    - Large ink tanks let you change inks without comprising the current job
    - In-built image enhancement tools improve output

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  • Graphic art

    Experience graphics with head turning colour and detail

    Create punchy graphic art prints with colour and detail that demand attention. Whether you’re producing posters, signs or technical presentations, you’ll experience remarkable quality on a wide range of media options.
    - Print on flexible, rigid and multilayered media
    - Enjoy outdoor durability
    - User friendly design and operation
    - Get complete control with print management software

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  • autumn orange retail poster

    High impact and high quality signs and graphics

    Turn heads with high impact posters, signs and graphics from 24” right through to 44” wide. Discover the power of striking colour, efficient productivity and easy-to-use design from start to finish.

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  • Office charts and graphs

    Professional large format documents at your fingertips

    Take the quality of your professional office documents to the next level. Impress your colleagues and clients with large format charts, graphs, posters and signs and ensure your message is received loud and clear.
    - Print from a roll or cut sheets
    - Choose a multifunction device and enjoy the benefits of all-in-one functionality
    - Different configurations can be tailored to suit your workspace

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  • building-rendering-line

    Outstanding accuracy and detail in every print

    Experience remarkable accuracy and detail in your technical drawings, CAD, GIS and 3D rendering prints. Whether you’re an Engineer, Architect or work in the construction or mapping industry, millimetre accuracy and meeting deadlines can be achieved with ease thanks to large format printers that have been purpose built to support the way you work.

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  • Proofing of a fashion magazine

    Open the door to one off and short run printing

    Take complete control of your proofing process with our specialised proofing printers. Now you can print one off print samples, short run prints, storyboards or brochures that are high quality and highly accurate up to 44” wide.

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Canon Large Format Printer Technologies

Learn more about the unique technologies that set our large format printers ahead of the competition: LUCIA PRO and LUCIA TD inks, automatic roll paper setup and noise reduction.