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PowerShot V10: First impressions of an all-in-one vlogging camera

Recently, we launched the PowerShot V10 pocket-to-palm, all-in-one camera, with a stand and mic. Designed for ease and comfort on the go, the PowerShotV10 is so portable, fitting in your pocket or a small bag.

With a 1.0-inch CMOS sensor, the camera captures sharp video and cut-through content and with the two low-noise built-in microphones, it’ll make you sound like a pro. It’s also our first camera with Smooth Skin Movie mode!

We invited lifestyle and business YouTuber, Briddy Li, to test out the new PowerShot V10 camera and provide her first impressions.

A glimpse into the life of a vlogger

I've always known I wanted to become a YouTuber since the early days of high school and have been fascinated with video production. I was particularly inspired by Bethany Mota, MyLifeAsEva and all the other OG YouTubers of that era. That was when my channel was born!

I began creating content in the DIY genre and have since transitioned into lifestyle, travel and business. I post on my main channel Briddyli and I’m in the process of creating a new channel at this very moment! This will focus on food and story times. I’m absolutely in love with the video-making process. I just find it so satisfying being able to be a part of the pre and post-production process as a creator, you’re constantly making something new.

When it comes to creating content, I love delving into various aspects of my life including lifestyle, student life, and my own business ventures. Specifically, I look to document the challenges and triumphs of growing up, whilst offering insights into the world of entrepreneurship and business ownership. My hope is that I inspire and connect with my community by capturing the essence of my personal experiences and sharing valuable lessons learned along the way. It serves to make my community feel less alone on the tough journey of growing up.

What to look for in a vlogging camera

What I look for in a camera tends to be a wider focal length because I absolutely love capturing the environment around me. It also must be lightweight because I’m always on the go. I always seek high-quality footage, easy phone transfer and preferably, inbuilt accessories, so I don’t have to carry an external microphone.

Briddy Li with the Duomo of Milan in the background

Introducing Canon’s latest vlogging camera: the new PowerShot V10

This camera has absolutely exceeded my expectations!

Its compact and discreet design makes filming on the go incredibly easy and comfortable. Despite being an experienced content creator, I still occasionally feel camera shy, especially in a public setting. So having a compact camera capable of capturing beautiful visuals and high-quality audio in such a small package is truly a dream come true for me. I took the PowerShot V10 on my recent trip around Europe, using it every day to capture, vlog and photo content. It was just so easy to pull out of my pocket and start vlogging.

After shooting on the PowerShot V10, I connected the camera directly to my phone using the built in wireless connectivity function. With the Canon Connect app, I was able to get the videos to my phone instantly to edit and upload to socials!

Colourful houses in a lake shore

Shooting on your phone compared to a camera

I’ve found the PowerShot V10 offers several advantages over vlogging on a phone. It has better memory/storage, longer battery life, larger sensor size, and it keeps my phone free for other uses – I literally end up maxing out my storage otherwise. I also have the bonus of being able to capture better-quality footage all at the same time, which I’m so happy about!

The PowerShot V10 is the perfect vlogging camera for creators because it offers affordability, excellent value for money, and is a compact, lightweight design. Despite being budget friendly, I’ve found the PowerShot V10 includes impressive features, including high-resolution video capabilities, advanced autofocus, and digital image stabilization.

A huge bonus is its portability, making it perfect for on-the-go vlogging. As a creator, this allows me to capture professional-quality content in various environments, especially when travelling or filming out and about, without compromising on quality or breaking the bank.

Learn more about the PowerShot V10 here.