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Personalise your home office with these easy styling tips

It’s important for us all to have a creative space at home.

Your home office doesn’t need to be huge, not all of us have the room! A small desk, a corner or a nook is all you need. But it does need to be organised and high impact, and reflect who you are so you can enjoy working

My space is always about images. For me its important to print things out and these help to inspire creativity and keep me motivated — I’m constantly updating each day with work and inspiration.

The Pixma printer is my go to office item — it prints up to A3. I print from my computer or directly from my phone images taken on my EOS M6. They are always a mixture of work projects as I always like to see what I’m working on right in front of me

Call me old fashioned, but I do love to print things out and often just stick them straight to the wall with some of Blu Tack.

home office set up with images printed on wall

For this project we worked with photographer Jacqui Turk and took over her office and set up the Pixma printer to print out photos. Graphic designer Dani Barios helped us by creating some cool words and phrases to print (its handy having clever friends) but simple versions of these are also easy to to do.

images printed on Pixma Pro 100

My tips for an awesome home office are:

  1. Find your space — you don’t always need a whole room – a corner will do but ensure you have good light — this is conducive to working better.
  2. Make sure everything you need is nearby, be it your computer, printer or more importantly a power point.
  3. Print things to decorate and inspire — inspiration is required to be creative right!
  4. A comfortable chair and work surface is all your really need!

office entry with printed inspiration

Words and styling by Jason Grant

Photography by Jacqui Turk

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