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Gemma Peanut Reviews the EOS 200D Mark II

Canon’s lightest DSLR, the EOS 200D Mark II is here and I think our shoulders and backs can give a collective high five and sigh of relief. Taking photos has never been easier with this little beauty weighing in at only 449g (that includes the battery and card). And before you assume that having a lighter camera body means something had to be compromised in the making, then think again. The EOS 200D Mark II also earns the title of the most feature-packed and easy to use DSLR yet.

Product Image of EOS 200D Mark II

This game changer ticks all the boxes for anyone wanting to learn photography without getting lost in the maze of technical jargon. It boasts all the features of its previous model, as well as lifting the bar with some new ones that make it even more attractive. To put it simply, it’s beautifully designed to enhance your photos and make your life easier.

Here's a breakdown of what I love most about this camera;

Guided Display

One of the features that's been a firm favourite of mine since it was introduced a few years ago is Canon's Guided Display. This is a beginner photographer's best friend. Don't have a strong camera vocabulary? No problem! Canon's Guided Display teaches you different shooting techniques as you go.

Self Portrait Mode

Who doesn't want to be able to take high-quality selfies?! Move aside the smart phone, this camera has an in-built self portrait mode with a 180 degree screen rotation allowing you to take the perfect selfie of you and your loved ones. Post your new selfies all over the gram!

Product Image of EOS 200D Mark II

Sharing is Caring

Speaking of Instagram, you can share your photos with the world instantly straight from your camera to your smart phone thanks to the Canon Camera Connect app. The app gives you a constant connection with your smart phone via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth making uploading photos from your DSLR camera to your socials a breeze.

Crisper Video Footage

A brand spankin' new feature to this camera is the ability to create stunning 4K (@25p) movies and time-lapses. This upgrade allows you to explore a whole new dimension of film by capturing and creating beautiful videos without compromising on quality.

Night Photography

Another nifty and highly sought-after feature of this camera is the ability to take super sharp images and video at night thanks to its smart auto-focus and a powerful ISO range of 100 - 25,600. You can kiss blurry and grainy night-time shots goodbye.

Track Your Subject's Eyes

Another feature that deserves highlighting is this camera’s ability to lock onto your subject's eyes and track them as they move. Talk about connection! Shooting a moving subject has never been easier.

Gemma Peanut reviews Canon's EOS 200D Mark II

I'm all about simplicity and functionality that feels auto-intuitive and just makes sense. The EOS 200D Mark II isn't overly complicated or pretentious. Its features add serious value and help you tick all your photography goals — to take stunning photos as well as teaching you how to become a better photographer along the way!

Learn more about the EOS 200D Mark II here.

Article written by photographer Gemma Peanut.