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Drone photography tips for beginners by Abraham Joffe

Welcome to the extraordinary world of aerial photography. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) like drones now allow photographers to capture images from angles we’ve never seen before and have opened up the realm of aerial photography to just about anyone. 

Canon Master and Tales by Light director, Abraham Joffe reveals the secrets to starting out in drone photography.

Practice on a simulator before taking on real-life flying

It’s much better to crash a computer simulated drone than a real one! Simulators are incredibly realistic these days, even including wind in the environments. Spend time fine-tuning your skills.

Drone Photography tips Abraham Joffe 

Start small and cheap when buying your first drone

It’s almost inevitable that you will have at least a hard landing in the early days so best keep it basic when learning.

Drone Photography tips Abraham Joffe 

Plan your shot before launching

Thinking through your desired movement will usually result in better footage and reduce power wastage on your batteries.

Drone Photography tips Abraham Joffe 

Fly within your limits

Don’t be pushed by an overzealous friend or director if you don’t feel confident in your ability to pull it off.

Drone Photography tips Abraham Joffe 

Simplicity often works best

The simple shots like grand wides that establishes a scene, or a straight down bird’s eye shot can be powerful. Fast flying or exaggerated moves don’t always mean more impact.

Drone Photography tips Abraham Joffe 

Watch and learn

Numerous productions now include some form of aerial cinematography. Keep notes and screen-grabs of your favourite shots for inspiration.

Drone Photography tips Abraham Joffe

Learn to fly without GPS

To start with, everyone relies on GPS to guide their flying. It’s important to wean yourself off reliance on GPS as there will be times when the signal is lost. You need the skills to control your flight manually and return to the ground safely.

 Drone Photography tips Abraham Joffe 

Respect local drone regulations

Every country has its own specific rules governing safe and legal drone use. Ensure you research and adhere to the laws in your area. The drone culture has taken plenty of bad press for cowboy antics. Do the right thing and help ensure flying can continue into the future.

Drone Photography tips Abraham Joffe

Practice, practice, practice

The saying ‘one needs 10,000 hours to master anything’ applies to drones too. The more time you put into learning the better your footage will become. It should become second nature. And don’t forget to have fun with it.

Drone Photography tips Abraham Joffe
Image Credit: Abraham Joffe
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