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DIY Plank Photo Display

Spruce up your home with this DIY Plank Photo Display by Geneva from Collective Gen. Make a statement in your house using your favourite pictures and only a few materials.

To create a Plank Photo Display like this one, you’ll need:

• A Canon Pixma printer
• Canon Square photo paper
• 3 wooden planks, ours measured 80cm long.
• 9 binder clips
• Glue (hot glue or superglue).

How to:

1. Print your photos. We used 9 square photos with a white border.
2. Lay out your planks on a flat surface.
3. Place your photos on the planks where you would like them to sit.
4. Mark with a pencil where you need to attach your clips at the top of the photos. Remove the photos.
5. Use glue to attach your binder clips.
6. Finally, clip on your photos. Set this up on a bench or table with your planks leaning on the wall, or use adhesive strips to attach the planks to the wall.

Collective Gen is a DIY and How-to website showing you how to make and create your own style – in fashion, home and lifestyle.