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Canon Conversations

An educational podcast series highlighting Canon photographers from around New Zealand, discussing in depth photographic ideas and disciplines for a variety of skill levels.

  • Mastering Colour ft. Chasewild's Cameron Thorp

    Our very first episode is talking all things colour with wedding photographer Cameron Thorp from Chase Wild Photography.

  • The Beauty of Constraints ft. Formula 1 Photographer Darren Heath

    This episode features Formula 1 photographer Darren Heath who has spent the last 32 years capturing the sport in an increasingly creative and unique way. Learn how he uses limiting environments to his advantage in creating some of his most epic shots.

  • The Power of Storytelling ft. Camilla Rutherford

    In this episode, we chat with one of our Pro Grant winners Camilla Rutherford about the power of storytelling!

  • Stranger than Fiction ft. Filmmaker Jenny Gao

    We dive into the inspiring world of documentary filmmaking with Jenny Gao. This episode is perfect for anyone who has been interested in making docos but hasn't known how to get started. We talk about funding, how to find a story and how to find your voice as a director.

  • The Business of Photography ft. Commercial Photographer Nick T

    We chat with commercial food photographer Nick T about the business of photography. This episode is perfect if you want to learn more about how to price yourself, marketing and creating your brand within the creative industries.

  • Photography for a Cause ft. Michelle Hyslop

    This week, we're chatting with Canon Pro Grant winner Michelle Hyslop about her project on Kauri Dieback prevention and how we can use our creative outlet of photography to support the causes we believe in.

  • Canon Conversations

    Working With Brands ft. Sacha Stejko

    This week, we're chatting with Sacha Stejkoabout and her work with Brands.

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