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Canon Community member Dylan wanted to learn how to take his photography to the next level.

We sent him out with photographers Rachel Stewart and Sven Martin on an adventure shoot to teach him how he could take his photography to the next level, just by using the right lens.
Our Photographers


Rach Stewart

Rachel Stewart is a kiwi landscape and adventure photographer based in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. Inspired by landscapes and a love of travel, she likes to explore the unknown, and seek out the beauty created by the natural world.

Her passion to be with nature along with a love of art, adventure and exploring is what characterizes her photography. Long exposure photography is a style she loves and adds that point of difference when it comes to creating stand out images. Rachel loves being outdoors. She loves to hike and be with the mountains, but you will also find her surfing at the beach and spending summer by the ocean. Being able to capture these experiences on a camera is an added bonus.


Sven Martin

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa. The now Nelson based NZ pro photographer, Sven Martin, initially started shooting as a hobby in the skateboard industry while living in California, but his passion for mountain biking soon saw him travelling to some of the biggest races around the world, including the World Cup and Enduro World Series. In 2008, Sven decided to combine his love of action sports with photography to pursue it full time as a career and hasn’t looked back since. One of the top cycling photographers in the industry, being a professional rider in the past, has helped him develop a certain style and edge in his images as he knows the exact shots to get in order to create that emotional connection with the viewer.