A Statement RF Lens Achieving High Image Quality

The large diameter mount and short back focus distance delivers stunning, high quality images. The NANO USM in-built into the lens enables quiet and smooth autofocus which is perfect for when you're shooting movies. The powerful 5 Stop Image Stabilization helps you easily capture night time and moving scenes with minimal shake and blurring.

  • The Ideal Telephoto Lens For Your Travels

    This 10x optical high-magnification zoom lens with a 35mm full-frame compatible RF mount covers a 24mm wide-angle to 240mm telephoto in one lens. This means that you don’t have to worry about switching lenses or carrying extras- perfect for travelling!

  • Advanced and Comfortable Controls

    You're in full control of the cameras zooming operations with the smooth, torque reduction zoom ring combined with a zoom lock. The Focus/Control ring enables you to switch between focusing functions and control ring functions, allowing you to assign a range of manual controls to the ring for full control.

RF 24-240mm f/4-6.3 IS USM Gallery
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