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CN-E 135mm T2.2 L F

Your pro lens with exceptional optics for 4K production

Discover the lens that's ready for Full Frame 35mm sensors

Compatible with Full Frame 35mm sensors, this lens produces beautiful, professional images every single shot.

  • Always get fast, efficient and consistent results

    With unified front lens diameters, gear positioning on the focus and iris rings, switching lenses is fast and convenient and focusing is accurate.

  • Experience a smart lens that loves to communicate

    Your CN-E135mm lens is compatible with all Cinema EOS camera models, EOS HD-DSLR cameras and Full-Frame models making it perfect for your kit.

Get the go-to prime lens for all occasions

Lightweight and compact, pack the Canon CN-E135mm T2.2 L F for a reliable solution and consistent professional results in any environment.

  • Produce beautiful bokeh effects

    Create photos with out-of-focus backgrounds thanks to the 11-blade circle aperture that delivers stunning bokeh when shooting with shallow depth.

CN-E 135mm T2.2 L F
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