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Cook Medical Japan and Canon IRIS Xtract: A collaborative solution

Cook Medical Japan met escalating demand by collaborating with Canon to customise IRIS Xtract, a platform that classifies documents, extracts complex data & transfers it to business applications.

Escalating Global Demand for Surgical Equipment Met with Canon IRIS Xtract Platform

Cook Medical distributes minimally invasive equipment to surgeons in 135 countries.

When its Japanese office changed its market strategy, it knew fax orders would sky rocket by 200%. Preparation was essential.

Software was required with OCR and the ability to extract data from every customer’s purchase order, regardless of format or layout.

Cook Medical Japan collaborated with Canon Australia to customise the only software capable of doing the job: Canon’s IRIS Xtract, a solution platform that classifies documents, extracts data and transfers it to business process applications.

IRIS Xtract now recognises and processes more than 80% of the company’s orders with the balance flagged for special attention. Orders have increased yet they’re managed with greater accuracy and no extra staff.  

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