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TaaS: Meeting room services from Canon Business


What is TaaS

Telecommunications as a Service, known as TaaS, is a programme that facilitates the experience for All-of-Government agencies in telecommunications services. TaaS is tailored to each agency’s needs, allowing them to select the products and services they require from a range of providers specifically chosen by the Government.

What are our TaaS Services – Meeting Room Services

Canon specialises in Meeting Room Solutions using the TaaS framework, aiming to give businesses the freedom to focus on what’s important to them with simple to use, sophisticated technology through a subscription based model. Canon’s Meeting Room Solutions have been designed to help businesses improve productivity, make it easier to collaborate and share information – all through the latest, best of breed technology.

What are the benefits of TaaS

TaaS gives business greater flexibility with no minimum terms – these are delivered ‘as a service’ which means businesses are able to purchase on demand without the need to over provision, or own and maintain any internal infrastructure. This freedom provides government agencies the ability to scale up or down, and can evolve with them through their ever-changing needs. Access competitive pricing without having to go through a full Request for Proposal process. Latest technology — TaaS services are flexible, taking advantage of innovative technology as it becomes available. Businesses using TaaS no longer run the risk of owning IT infrastructure that’s out-of-date or unsuitable for their needs.

Interested in finding out more?

Visit for further information on how to access a list of TaaS suppliers and a pricing catalogue.

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