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    How to minimise device touchpoints

    From mobile printing app to proximity cards and customised shortcuts, Canon has several ways we can help you reduce the number of device touchpoints and protect your staff while using their printers in the workplace.

    Getting your printers up & running again

    If your printers have been either turned off, or have entered into energy saving mode during the lockdown we have outlined some steps below to help you get your printers back up and running again. Should you need further support, please log a service request below and one of our team will be in touch.

    • Turn on device or exit energy saver.

    • Ensure the building air conditioning is on and sufficient time has been allowed for the device to stabilise at room temperature. The inside of the device needs to be as warm as the outside. This will prevent condensation from forming once the device is used.

    • Check to ensure no foreign objects or debris has fallen into the document feeder or paper bypass tray.

    • Load fresh, unopened paper in the cassettes to prevent possible jams or quality issues.

    • Print or copy approximately 200 double-sided documents with high toner coverage in full colour (e.g. a photo or a graphics image) to stir the toner and stabilize the printer.

    • Perform an image quality adjustment (Auto Adjust Gradation) as follows: Settings/Registration > Adjustment/Maintenance > Adjust Image Quality > Auto Adjust Gradation > Full Adjust then follow the prompts.

    • If upon initial use of the device there are image quality issues such as light spots on the image, try printing or copying a further 50 test prints to allow the device to further stabilise. If there are still problems call Canon for support.

    • To ensure toners will automatically be ordered and remote support/analysis of your device can be done if an issue is encountered, perform a communication test to the Canon Monitoring Service: Counter Check (123) > Monitoring Service > Communication Test > Start Test.

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