Safety and Compliance

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information is provided to enable the safe use of Canon ink and toner consumable products in the workplace for the Oceania region

What is a Safety Data Sheet?

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a document that provides information on the properties of chemicals with respect to identity of the chemical, its health effects, safe handling and storage, emergency procedures as well as transport and disposal.
Canon's worldwide policy is that each product including consumables must comply with the health, safety and environmental requirements, standards and legislation of the countries or regions in which it is sold. In practice, our high standard of quality assurance ensures that we often exceed the legal requirements. These include standards for environmental, health and safety protection, chemical safety for toners and inks plus general product safety for consumers and service personnel. 
Considering the whole of life cycle approach, all Canon products including consumables are designed and tested according to the standards, regulations and strict Canon quality control procedures. Performance, compatibility and reliability are standard criteria when designing for the consumer, business and professional markets.
Through innovation and technology our manufacturing processes center around the design for environment (DfE) principle whilst minimising health and safety risks to our consumers and employees.

Got a question about safety? Check out some common questions
  • Can I use edible inks and icing sheets with my Canon printer?

    Canon does not recommend the use of edible ink or icing sheets for use in any of its range of inkjet printers.
    The printers are not designed to print with edible inks or to be used with edible icing paper. Canon has not approved or tested edible inks or icing sheets. Standard inks (either Canon manufactured inks or other third party inks) are not safe to digest and immediate medical advice should be sought if this were to happen. 
    If the use of edible inks and/or edible icing paper were contemplated, then extreme caution should be taken to avoid cross contamination with any standard inks. If standard ink has ever been used in a printer, internal components of that printer will contain standard ink. As such anything edible passing through the printer should not come into contact with such components. Canon accepts no liability or responsibility for health concerns caused by the use of edible ink.

    In addition to the potential health and safety aspects, the use of edible inks or icing sheets in your printer could result in reduced print quality, clogging of the printer's system or even damage to the printer's components.
    Canon is dedicated to creating quality ink for providing the best results for Canon printers. Edible ink may be incompatible with this printer. Canon accepts no liability or responsibility for malfunction or damage caused by the use of edible ink.
    We recommend the use of genuine Canon ink to guarantee the highest quality and ensure the maximum performance of your printer. 
  • What is Canon's position on the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) and classification of Labels and Chemicals?

    All current Canon and Océ Safety Data Sheets are currently being transitioned to comply with the GHS format.
  • Where can I get Safety Data Sheets for Océ and Seiko products?

    For Océ Safety Data Sheets please refer to Oce Safety Data Sheets.
    For Seiko Safety Data Sheets distributed by Canon Oceania, please contact
    For Battery Safety Data Sheets distributed by Canon Oceania, please contact
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