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How Scanning Improves Office Efficiency

Stop wasting time physically searching for paper documents. A network scanner can help your office turn the tide on productivity.

Implement Efficient Workflows

It’s a number worth repeating: office employees spend nearly one full workday combing their desks for paperwork*. Streamlining that type of inefficiency - looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack - organizes an office, which boosts overall productivity. Scanning directs documents into a digitized workflow and brings calm where there once was clutter. Here are some other ways that a document scanner helps improve office efficiency.

Scanner For Office Efficiency
  • Allow Easy Access To Files

    Allows Easy Access To Files

    Managing records is simple when users can retrieve anything with the click of a mouse. Employees can quickly carry out important daily functions such as responding to customer queries and fulfilling stakeholder requests. Once digitized and stored, documents can be accessible from anywhere, not just at the office.

  • Free Up Office Space

    Opens Up Office Space

    One USB stick could save you a wall of filing cabinets. That frees up physical space for workstations, collaboration areas, meeting rooms and other places that promote productive business tasks. While you may need to keep some paperwork on hand for compliance regulations, the rest can be securely stored off site.

  • Save Time Searching For Documents

    Saves Time

    A show of hands if there's a “to be filed” folder on your desktop? Saving scanned files directly to desktop or shared folders simplifies the filing process. By saving to folders, users can find files through a simple keyword search. Time saved looking through papers - or unfiled desktop documents - is time spent networking, meeting with clients, working on projects and carrying out other tasks that keep day-to-day operations flowing.

  • Encourage Collaboration

    Encourages Collaboration

    ... And communication. One-touch functionality allows users to scan and instantly save, share or print a document. Create shared folders with easy-to-navigate naming conventions. Multiple employees can reference or work off the same document at once, and multiple versions can be tracked in the same place (and duplicate copies deleted). Workflow - who did what and when - becomes more transparent.

Taking It One Step Further

Simplifying the scanning process into one step with a network document scanner can help improve office efficiency. Compact but small enough for a centralized work environment, the imageFORMULA ScanFront 400 offers high-speed scanning without needing a capturing device. With the colour touch panel, quickly preview scanned images before sending.

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imageFORMULA ScanFront 400
Scan To Six Different Locations
The imageFORMULA ScanFront 400 network scanner makes document distribution and storage simple, with the flexibility to scan and send documents in a variety of ways.
  • Scan To Email Icon.

    Scan To Email

    Send scanned images to a designated e-mail address, with a customizable subject line and message.

  • Scan To Folder

    Send scanned images to a shared folder on a PC or server connected to the network.

  • Scan To Fax Icon.

    Scan To Fax

    Send scanned images to a fax service provider or fax server (translate scanned images into a fax).

  • Scan To FTP

    Send scanned images to a specific folder on an FTP server.

  • Scan To USB Icon.

    Scan To USB Memory

    Send scanned images to USB memory inserted in the USB slot.

  • Scan To Printer Icon.

    Scan To Printer

    Print scanned images with a network shared printer**.

Discover our managed document scanning solution

Give us your documents, packed up in archive boxes, and we’ll scan, digitise and file them making them text searchable, before returning, storing or securely discarding all the hard files. What’s more, we’ll index them to make retrieval effortless. What have you got to lose?

*“Get the Most Out of Your Operations with Document Management,” Home Business. Summer 2017.
**A printer that has the FTP print function is needed.