Robotic Process Automation

Hire a virtual workforce of robots to effortlessly automate your repetitive business processes

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Automate any manual workflow with technology that mimics human data entry

From banking to finance and insurance, Canon’s RPA solution allows your team to capture and configure key back-office procedures with an easy-to-learn drag and drop method. Our robots then perform those tasks exactly as a human would, across any system, with no software integration required.

RPA - Automate any manual workflow
Remove the time burden of low-value tasks so your employees can focus on profit-driving activities

Your employees prefer activities that require creativity, critical thinking, and human judgement and these are also the activities that drive your business forward. Our RPA solution allows you to double down on the high-value work that can’t be automated, like exception management and strategic decision making, by outsourcing the mindless point-and-click tasks that shouldn’t require human involvement.

RPA - Remove the time burden of low-value tasks
Improve speed, accuracy, and compliance across your business

Robotic Process Automation executes tasks exactly the way you set them up, only several times faster. It eliminates human error and unnecessary rework that can cost your business time and money. Plus, you’ll always have access to a complete audit trail that reduces compliance risk.

RPA - Improve speed, accuracy, and compliance
Implement Robotic Process Automation quickly and efficiently

Canon offers Robots as a Service (RaaS), which allows you to start with a small automation experiment, assess the opportunity, and scale gradually without the risk and investment of a large rollout. We can automate business processes across any software platform without changing your existing IT infrastructure.

RPA - Implement RPA quickly and efficiently
RPA can be implemented easily across both key industry solutions plus custom and legacy platforms
Get started by automating just one task

We’ll help you identify a key opportunity for automation in your business. Then we’ll develop a pilot program for that task that you can use as a proof of concept for further automation. Below are some examples of processes we frequently automate across various industries.

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Is your industry likely to benefit from Robotic Process Automation?

RPA adoption potential by buyer industry and function (source - Everest Group)

RPA adoption potential by buyer industry and function
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What does the Future Workplace look like with Robotic Process Automation?

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