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Digital signage and digital display for education

Streamline communication and engage with your students, staff, parents and wider community through digital signage and digital display.

Capturing the attention of a generation of students who are constantly connected to and respond to digital communication requires innovation and modernization via technology. Introducing innovative digital solutions and digital signage for education such as wayfinding kiosks and mobile apps helps deliver a high-quality educational experience throughout campuses and classrooms.

With Canon's digital signage and digital display solutions for schools, it is easy to keep students, parents and the wider local community engaged while making sure that relevant information is reaching your target audience.

Our extensive knowledge of the requirements of schools enables us to provide you with a high quality, long lasting solution at the most cost effective price.

Ways to use digital panels in your school

About Canon's Education Specialists

Our team of Education Specialists has developed a unique perspective on both school administration requirements and teachers' needs, ensuring the solution provided not only solves a problem for the school, but enhances the student’s learning experience. Canon Education Specialists are available across the country to meet with you, discuss your needs and define your goals. Working within your budget, they will provide you with technology recommendations to provide the best outcomes for your learners.

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RPA adoption potential by buyer industry and function

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