Digital Mailroom

Our Digital Mailroom and Mail Solutions offer paper mail conversion services to reduce our clients' high volume costs. Receive mail securely and instantly.

The efficient way to manage your mail

Converga receives and scans your PO Box mail and converts it to a digital image, reducing the costs of handling large volumes of paper. Magazines and parcels are re-routed and delivered to your desired physical address. Scanned mail can be entered into a workflow system, re-routed to other recipients, and provides an instant document archive for future access.

Manage your mail efficiently with our Digital Mailroom
Digital Mailroom
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    Eliminate paper

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    No hardware or software to buy or install

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    Reduce manual mail handling

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Getting started with Digital Mailroom

Begin with a small piece; something as simple as a mail digitisation service. Then look at building on that solution in order to further improve Return On Investment through a phased investment approach within a broader strategic initiative. Digital mailroom represent a foundation-setting process change that can add value beyond just inbound mail digitisation and distribution.

Implementing Digital Mailroom to future proof your business

As the world continues to understand and see the full human impact of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, businesses are faced with more immediate concerns. The pandemic has disrupted third party services such as courier and transport services. Without the ability to receive and process physical mail, companies risk disrupting everything from invoicing workflows, to cheque processing, to the completion of critical forms and applications. Digital mailroom services can alleviate this burden and they can be deployed swiftly to prevent companies from falling further behind in these rapidly changing times.

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Implementing Digital Mailroom During Covid-19
“We haven’t looked back since engaging a digital mail service and we now see it as an integral part of our head office administration processes. The service provided by Canon has been reliable and was easily integrated into our existing mail distribution process. Ease of communication with the Canon team has meant any day to day queries are responded to quickly and effectively. During this time of uncertainty, it is reassuring to know that our head office mail team can continue to function effectively even during Level 3 and 4 lockdowns.”Debbie Chapman, Office Manager, Ryman Healthcare Limited
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