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Closed-Loop Recycling

Canon promotes reductions in resource consumption and product-to-product recycling, with the aim of contributing to the development of a circular economy. Learn how the refurbishment of imageRUNNER ADVANCE printers, and their new lease of life on the second-hand market helps their owners, and the planet at the same time.


Canon works to create a sustainable practice by investing in and developing a product lifecycle loop. This ensures that all Canon products are manufactured with the understanding that these devices will be recycled at their end-of-life. The process begins as these devices are collected from our clients, they are then assessed for further functionality, dismantled and repurposed with less than 1% reaching landfill. The parts that are recyclable are injected back into the Canon manufacturing line as raw material – new products are then created, and the loop continues.

Rebirth Through Refurbishing
Our popular imageRUNNER ADVANCE A3 models are eligible for refurbishing after they have typically been used as new for 3 to 5 years. Once assessed, cleaned, fixed and quality-checked they're ready to enter the second leg of their life.
Canon Closed Loop Recycling Illustration.

Sustainablity By Design

Through our refurbishing programme, we give our most popular Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE models a new lease of life, making the very most of the resources used in their initial creation. Learn more about how Canon contributes to the circular economy by breathing new life into used materials.

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