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Choose The Right Printer For Your Office

Learn more about the determining criteria when looking for a multifunction or large format for your office, and use the Find My match tool to pair a printer with your needs.

Find the perfect multifunction printer for your office

There are several other factors that you should consider before purchasing a new printer. When picking a multifunction printer for your office the main criteria you need to consider are colour printing capabilities, media size, monthly print volume and print speed.

Colour or Black & White

If your business print requirement is solely for black and white or below 10% colour you should consider a monochrome multifunction printer, along with an additional small Laser printer to handle those odd few colour print jobs. If your requirement for colour is anything higher than 10%, we recommend you opt for a colour multifunction device, which can handle both back and white, and colour print jobs.

Print Volume

You should always consider your monthly print volume before opting for a specific model. If you chose a device that doesn't match your print volumes, you'd run the risk of facing mechanical issues which would translate in more service calls, and downtime. Smaller devices are usually slower devices that will take more time to complete large jobs, potentially leading to inefficiencies in your business.

Media Size

The standard media size is A4. If you need to print anything larger than A4 you will need to go for a device that can handle A3 paper sheets. If your need for A3 print is small, using an A4 multifunction device for the bulk of your jobs, combined with an affordable A3 Laser printer on the side, may be a more cost effective choice.

Print Speed

Print speed is somewhat related to print volume. Faster multifunction devices are usually more expensive. The idea is to strike the right balance between capital cost and time lost waiting for the device to print. Ultimately you want to avoid wasting precious time standing in front of the printer for your next job to be released.

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Pick the right Large Format Printer for your needs

Canon offers a wide range of Large Format Printers. Model choice will mainly depend on the following criteria: application type, media width, print volume and colour reproduction.

Document & Application Type

Do you want to print plans and maps, posters and short-term signage or photographs and fine art? Different applications all require different media types. You want to ensure you pick a printer that will be able to handle the appropriate media type and media thickness and deliver optimum results with your documents.

Media Width

Common widths in the Canon range are 24, 36, 44 and 60 inches. Canon software allows you to stitch several pieces together in order to produce prints that are larger than you printer's maximum width. However we recommend you pick a printer that can print the document size you regularly need. Wider printers are more economical to run as wider paper rolls are cheaper by the square metre.

Functionality & Print Volume

Canon has devices that are small and quiet that will fit perfectly in a small office with lower print volume demand, through to faster and larger units. Ensure you pick a device that meets the specific requirements for your business: dual paper rolls, extra large ink tanks, stacker/basket, large format scanner.

Print Quality & Colour Reproduction

Canon offers a range of devices starting from 5-colour (CAD and signage applications), 8-colour (posters and photos), up to 12-colour printers (photos and fine art) to cover any need. The 12-colour PRO series uses Canon Chromo Optimiser, clear ink designed for better control over high-end prints and comes with built-in colour calibration.

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